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Tips and advice on how can you earn from your blog?

If you have invested money and build a blog with the help of a Website designer and now, you are looking to make money from it, then here is some advice for you. Money can be a great motivator. Most of us invest our hard-earned money. You can write about this.

If you have some measure of expertise in the equity market you can write articles regularly to see if others can benefit from your wisdom. If you can attract enough followers you can pass on investment tips and see if they come true. Lots of people are doing that in a big way but the world is hungry for more experts.

If you are a good cook you can share your recipes online. For example, there is this site where this guy bakes delicious cakes and upload images of those wonderfully decorated and funnily worded greetings written on the icing of the cake. This blog enjoys heavy patronage as followers wait keenly for every post and the accompanying photos.

Since his blog attracts so many followers online companies like Google Ad-sense are placing their ads on every post. These are contextual ads. There are other companies which display their banners on his blog pages.

A mere click would take the visitor to their web page where an effective sales pitch can generate a sale for the company and a hefty commission ranging between 50% to 70% per sale. Whether his bakery grows or not his blogging income is sure to grow in leaps and bounds. So it is important to find out what you enjoy writing about and make that your blogging niche. But first, you have to develop the habit of writing small posts regularly.